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May 13, 2023

Why We Should End Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian

The reason we Need To Stop Pitting Ayesha Curry Against Kim Kardashian Immediately

The Story

Kim Kardashian may not be able to break the web, but damned if she can not put every little thing on pause although we all panic about whatever she actually is carrying out subsequent. This week oahu is the on line aftershocks and Twitter tidal swells triggered by the meteor-like effect of the woman newest jaw-dropping naked selfie. 

What happened? Really nowadays, Steph Curry’s girlfriend Ayesha Curry began popular on Twitter. Exactly Why? Simply due to this tweet, which pits her against Kardashian in a battle of “bad girl” vs. “good girl.” 

The Snapshot

There’s two types of infant mamas/wifey….Choose sensibly! pic.twitter.com/d2YrzHNFp3

The Lesson

Few complications with this package: First and foremost, 99.9% of males will not be in a situation where they’re choosing between Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry. Into the best of my knowledge, not really Kanye West or Steph Curry features that problem.

Second of all, painting Ayesha Curry as an ideal mommy and Kim Kardashian as a lady of loose morals creates an incorrect dichotomy. As many folks on Twitter pointed out, Kim uses premium time with her children also, and for all we all know, Ayesha is giving Steph jaw-dropping nudes on Snapchat whenever the fighters are on car journeys. 

And lastly, this concept extends to feamales in general. If a lady would like to tweet a naked selfie, that is her company. If you should be uptight about this, that is your organization, maybe not hers, nor Kanye’s. It generally does not dye every single one of her actions, or preclude the girl from becoming a beneficial girlfriend or mummy. And let’s not pretend… in the event that you appeared of the same quality naked as Kim Kardashian really does, you’ll wish the entire world to understand, also.